Get the Scoop on Our Fav Ice Cream Shops in SA!

Get the Scoop on Our Favorite Ice Cream Shops in SA

July is National Ice Cream Month!  To celebrate, I’m providing you with a list of my personal favorite ice cream shops in town that you NEED to go to before the month ends.

But before you scroll down, here are some interesting facts you should know about ice cream:

So where should you freeze your brain for the rest of National Ice Cream Month?

Let’s just get right to it:

  • South Alamode Panini and Gelato: Our Gelato and Panini are made from fresh ingredients every day. While we import every ingredient we can directly from Italy, everything else is sourced locally. After living for years in Italy and studying as a Gelato apprentice, we came to the America and set up shop at a local farmer's market, quickly outgrew that, and are proud to be in South Town.
  • The House, Boozy Ice Cream and Brews: With both ‘Infused’ and ‘Friendly’ options, The House offers a wide variety of ice cream concoctions that are ever changing and will give you all the feels. They were even featured on The Food Network, “As the name implies, this spot focuses on two things: alcohol-infused ice cream and beer. Ten homemade flavors are available every day, with options that may include French Toast (which combines cereal-milk ice cream with Fireball Whiskey) or a frozen, creamy take on the White Russian. Choose wisely, because once a flavor is gone, it doesn’t come back until customers start begging for more.”
  • Steel City Pops: Steel City Pops are made in small batches from the freshest all-natural or certified organic ingredients, locally-harvested where possible. We only sweeten our pops with raw, organic cane sugar and never use artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Our menu features vegan-friendly fruity choices, and all of our pops are gluten-free and vegetarian. We are always creating new seasonal flavors and ideas, so check back often!
  • Lick: Our Cilantro Lime, Dewberry Corn Cobbler and Sweet Persimmon and Sage ice creams are just some of the flavors inspired by and created with seasonal offerings from Texas. This provides us with variety throughout the year and guarantees a farm-to-table product that is always fresh and delicious! We work directly with local farmers and food artisans to source our fine ingredients to make the most honest ice creams we can.
  • Snopioca: SNOPIOCA is the first of its kind in San Antonio, Texas. We serve shaved snow with the highest quality ingredients and fresh fruits. Customers will be able to customize their shaved snow toppings on a fine and fluffy snow ice that will melt in your mouth. Prepare yourself for a new dessert experience that will leave you craving for more!
  • Honeysuckle Teatime: at honeysuckle, we pride ourselves in using tea as an ingredient in all of our products. we offer things like lavender shortbread, rose wedding cookies, orange blossom donuts, chocolate chai cupcakes, earl grey brownies and create beautiful tea-infused custom cakes. in tandem with the tea party theme, we offer our own special blends of iced teas, hot teas, tea lattes, kombucha and what we call "marteanis," which are tea-infused cocktails.

So now that you know where to go, it’s time to decide which flavor you’re going to get!

Decisions, decisions…

Take a look below and find out what your favorite ice cream flavor says about you?

So there you have it! A guide of San Antonio’s best ice cream with facts to back it up! 


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