Sister Hazel Originally Started Out As A Duo

Sister Hazel has been an active band since the early 1990s. They released their self-titled debut album in 1994, the whole band is actively involved in writing and performing each of their songs.

Andrew Copeland and Ken Block were the first two band members. They met at a tailgating party for Tennessee/Florida where they belted out an Eagles song. Their friends encouraged them to start a duo then Sister Hazel was later formed. Their famous song "All For You" peaked at No. 11 on the Top 40 charts and No. 1 on US Adult 40.

Bobby Bones had mentioned Sister Hazel on The Bobby Bones Show, their fans hit them up on social media and thus the band was brought on to talk about their career right now.

They are releasing Earth, their fourth installment of their themed EP compilation series entitled "Elements" on September 6th. They talked about their first single off the EP called "Good For You."They also performed a compilation of some of their hits on the show including "All For You,"

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