'Your Own Royal Residence': Bizarre 'Castle' Up For Sale In Texas

Photo: Getty Images

Have you ever wanted to own a super unique castle right here in Texas? Now is your chance! For just $650,000 you can own a 3,900 square foot "castle" in Kemper.

The Zillow listing states, "Who wouldn't want a castle in their backyard? You can renovate the three story 3900 square foot castle into your own royal residence, convert it into an income generating Airbnb or use it as the most unusual conversation piece. It is already set up for plumbing, water and electricity. All it needs is your imagination."

The inside of the castle is a blank slate with crisp white walls, ceilings, and floors.

According to the listing, there are four restrooms just outside the castle that are made of converted shipping containers. There's also 20 feet of storage space, a stage in the backyard that's ready for any kind of entertainment, and the potential for a pond.

You can get some stellar views of the night sky on the 15.87 acre property, along with some 360-degree countryside views.

"Speaking of stars, you'll have a view of the sky fit for a king (or queen) on the upper level of the castle. Don't miss this unique opportunity," the Zillow listing states.

Check out the bizarre listing on Zillow's website or at the links below:

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