Zac Brown Reveals Which Iconic Artist Inspired Him To Work Out On Tour

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Zac Brown is giving fans an inside look at how he stays in shape, even while he’s on the road. The Zac Brown Band frontman went behind the scenes during a recent interview with Men’s Health, showing off the best features of his mobile gym that he crafted from a tractor trailer.

The gym is packed with machines, weights and other equipment as Brown — who credits Bruce Springsteen with motivating him to kick his fitness routine into high gear — and his bandmates travel the country. Brown said in his interview with Men’s Health: “It’s hard work, man. You get what you give, whatever you put into it. As time goes on, the more and more momentum you get doing it, and you want to feel good. ...When I met Springsteen, I said, ‘Tell me something that’s helped you to stay feeling good.’ He was like, ‘Man, you need to sweat for an hour a day. I don’t care what you do, doesn’t matter. You need to sweat for an hour a day.’ I was like, ‘You’re the Boss. Let’s do it.’””

Brown set his sights on getting in the best shape of his life this year (a goal that’s in line with other male country artists, including Kane Brown, Tim McGraw, Granger Smith and others). See his full interview with Men’s Health (including some of the exercises included in Brown's routine) here.

Zac Brown Band is gearing up for the debut of the deluxe edition of their album, a 21-track project that’s set to release on September 30. The massive project follows The Comeback, which the band dropped last year. Brown hailed it “the best album that I’ve ever made,” as it expertly blends influences from all eight band members. The massive deluxe edition will include new collaborations, including with Blake Shelton, Cody Johnson and Jamey Johnson and Marcus King.

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