Brandi Carlile Shares Heartfelt Message In Song Written For Her Wife

Photo: Getty Images

Brandi Carlile premiered her latest music video for “You And Me On The Rock,” a sentimental song that serves as a tribute to the singer-songwriter’s wife. Carlile shared on Instagram on Wednesday (June 29) that the song is for her wife, Catherine, as Carlile reflected on examining her life and foundation more deeply during quarantine. She wrote in her caption:

“This song is for my wife, Catherine. When life changed during quarantine and everything that I identify myself by went away, I was left with a question of ‘is what I’ve built my life on really a solid foundation?’ I wrote this song and realized that even the most intensely self-identifying things can go away, but what my life is really built on, which is faith and my family, it’s a rock, and it’s solid.”

“You And Me On The Rock” is included on Carlile’s latest album, a 10-track project called “In These Silent Days.” The entire collection is one that Carlile previously shared was written “during a time of such uncertainty and quiet solitude,” including a blend of reflection and celebration. She sings:

“I'll build my house up on this rock, baby/ Every day with you/ There's nothin' in that town I need/ After everything we've been through/ Me out in my garden and you out on your walk/ Is all the distance this poor girl can take/ Without listenin' to you talk/ I don't need their money, baby/ Just you and me on the rock/ You and me on the rock”

Watch Carlile’s new music video here:

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