2 Kids Tackled After Running Onto Field At Blue Jays-Astros Game

Photo: Getty Images

Two young children were tackled after running onto the field during the Houston Astros at Toronto Blue Jays game over the weekend.

The kids, who appeared to be around 11 years old according to Complex, stormed the baseball field in the bottom of the sixth inning at the Rogers Centre. Videos shared of the incident on social media show the kids running toward second base before being tackled by stadium security.

The crowd went from cheering to booing at the sight of the children being tackled, according to Complex.

The incident caused a debate on social media centering on whether or not it was "excessive" to tackle such young children.

"Blue Jays bench reacting to the aftermath of two kids on the field, seemingly racing to second base. One got tackled before he made it. The other made it, touched the base, and stopped before getting a demolishing tackle by security. A totally absurd and excessive response," one user said.

"Imagine thinking the Kids are the victims here they clearly broke the law, it is stated before the game that you cannot run or throw anything on the field and the securitys job is to protect the players and keep order in the stadium They did what they had to do," said another.

"Even if you break the law there is an acceptable amount of force needed. The kid was standing still no longer running or a threat to anyone around him," another replied.

You can watch the video of the incident at the Rogers Centre below:

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