This Restaurant Serves The Best Taco In Texas

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Hard or soft? Beef or chicken? Salsa or guac?

While you're thinking of the answers to these very important questions, we're planning your next restaurant trip. Love Food compiled a list of where you can find the best taco in every state. Here's what the food site had to say about it:

What makes a great taco will always be a matter for debate. There are the traditionalists but also those who get most excited about the potential to experiment with different ingredients. The search for the best has taken us to both ends of the spectrum.

In Texas, the best taco is the Discada at Discada in Austin. Here's what Love Food said about the taco joint:

It’s hard to choose the best tacos in Texas when they're so loved here, there have been calls to make them the state dish. However, we decided on this Austin-based taco truck that specialises in one dish only. Discada serves juicy discada taquitos – a north Mexican-style mix of pork, beef and vegetables in tiny corn tortillas, with salsa and lime. It's an absolute must-try if you're in town.

Discada is located at 1319 Rosewood Ave. in Austin.

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