This Is The Best Diner In Texas

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What makes a diner great? Is it the unlimited coffee refills? The selection of pie slices? The ability to order a burger for breakfast?

If you have a diner you frequent and want to try something new, or if you are trying to find the best diner in your state, look no further! Love Food compiled a list of the best diner in every state. Here's what they said about it:

Every state has them: places to perch at the counter for a slice of pie and a bottomless cup of coffee, ‘new-school’ diners that take comfort food to new levels and retro places where you can slide into a booth and order a burger for breakfast. From historic joints whose seats have been graced by famous stars to sleek spots serving classic food with a twist, here’s our choice of the best diner in every state.

In Texas, the best diner is Phoebe's Diner in Austin. Here's what the food site had to say about the diner:

With locations in South Austin and downtown, Phoebe’s Diner turns out classic diner fare and throws some good old Texas barbecue into the mix. Customers rave about the tender brisket, cooked in a smoker and served with eggs for the ultimate breakfast. Everything’s beautifully prepared, from the fried chicken and grits to the tastiest biscuits in sausage gravy.

Phoebe's Diner has two locations in Austin: 533 W Oltorf St. in Oltorf and 408 W 11th St. in downtown Austin.

To read the full list of the best diner in every state, click here.

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