This Restaurant Serves The Best Mac And Cheese In Texas

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It's the perfect side dish or main course. You can enjoy it plain or with a variety of toppings. Whether you're making it at home with cheese powder or fresh shredded cheese, you can't go wrong with this American classic.

We're talking about macaroni and cheese, of course! But where can you find the best? Love Food compiled a list of where to find the best mac and cheese in every state. Here's what the food site said had to say about it:

Cheesy and creamy mac 'n' cheese is the ultimate comfort food. It can be a decadent side or a meal in its own right, loaded with truffle, lobster tail or barbecued meats. From the home-style to the high-end, these are the best mac ‘n’ cheese dishes in every state.

In Texas, the best mac and cheese is NOLA Mac at The Backyard in Seabrook. Here's what Love Food said about this delicious dish:

There’s more to casual Seabrook joint The Backyard than mac 'n' cheese but it’s certainly where you should start. The NOLA Mac is made with white Cheddar, mozzarella, andouille sausage (a smoked Cajun sausage), jumbo shrimp, onions and red peppers. It has been described by some as off the charts while others say they’d come back and order it again.

The Backyard is located at 1301 4th St. in Seabrook.

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