Texas Energy Officials Don't Know When Power Will Be Restored

It may be days before the entire state of Texas has electricity.

Millions of Texans have been without power after winter storms sent the demand for energy soaring.

Electric Reliability Council of Texas, the organization that oversees the state's power grid, cannot generate enough electricity to meet current demand. Rolling blackouts have been happening since Monday to prevent the power grid from becoming overloaded.

On Tuesday, ERCOT officials didn't have a deadline for when power would be restored to the entire state.

"I know this has been a terrible problem, but we don't want a blackout that could last for a very, very long time where the system has to be rebuilt," ERCOT CEO Bill Magness told WFAA when a reporter asked when the outages would end.

"I think we can see those customers getting more and more service during the course of this week, but it just depends on, you know, how the weather turns and how much of the power supply we can make sure is secure."

ERCOT officials said something similar on a call with Texas state legislators on Tuesday, the Dallas Morning News reported.

“After being pushed by lawmakers, ERCOT would only say it could be 'days”' before power is restored for all customers; in an email to members ERCOT said 'Even if there is good progress, returning to normal conditions is going to take additional time,' " tweeted Rep. Rafael Anchia, who was present on the call.

Photo: Getty Images