Weird Food Combinations Some People Love


According to BUZZFEED, here are some Wacky food combinations some people love:

"Quesadillas with marinara sauce.'"

"Black coffee with a tiny pad of butter, a little bit of sugar, and a pinch of garlic powder. Weird, yes, but it tastes like a meal and curbs my appetite, so it's perfect when I'm in a rush or can't handle food."

"I love putting maple syrup IN my scrambled eggs."

"Pizza rolls done? Dip them in some French onion dip for some next level enjoyment."

"Strawberry jam and mozzarella cheese on whole grain bread."

"Put peanuts IN your Coca-Cola!"

"Peanut butter and BBQ chips sandwiches!"

Someone's grandma LOVED mayonnaise, peanut butter, tomato, and cucumber on her sandwiches."


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