Justin Moore Talks Respect For The Troops


Justin Moore played Wheel of Questions with Jojo and Randy Carroll backstage at John T. Floore Country Store before he joined Lee Brice, Parker McCollom, and John Wolfe for the second set at KJ97 Cares for Kids concert and here is what we learned.

  1. He is Team Blake because it's Country, but later reveals he does not like reality TV. Although Justin reveals he does not have control of his TV remote these days and with 4 kids in the house he watches a lot of Mickey Mouse these days. His go to when he has the remote... Westerns.
  2. In his down time... anything outside - Golf, Huntin' and Fishin' or coaching his kids in basketball and softball.
  3. How did his latest single, 'The Ones Who Didn't Make it Back Home' originate? Moore has family ties to the military and was raised to respect the service given to the country. That respect is also something he hopes to instill in his children. After years of dedicating his hit "Heaven' during live shows to the ones who didn't make it back home, he realized that might be a good song.


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