Summer Bod in SA

Swim suit season is here to stay for the next few months friends and I have yet again procrastinated to work on my summer bod, as per usual. Balancing work, my social life, my family and maintaining a healthy lifestyle sometimes feels near impossible; like how is a person supposed to make dinner, take care of their family and dog, run errands and work out after they get off their 8-5 desk job? I applaud those of you who are successful in this difficult feat; you are a champion in my eyes.

Since college, my life has evolved into one commitment after another; and while I enjoy being constantly busy and involved in my community, I also don’t allot a lot of time for me, myself and I. Lately however, I have made friends these past few years who inspire me to hit the gym more often than I’ve ever done in my past. Through them, I have learned there are many avenues to exercise and the days of solely working out on treadmills and gym equipment are long gone.

To preface, I am by no means a gym junkie or health guru-if anything, I’m ‘fitish’ and am the type of girl who runs three miles to balance out my La Fogata margarita and tacos I had for dinner.

 Cardio for cake is my motto, ya feel me?

When it comes to wellness, my biggest challenge is actually establishing a routine; however, once I’ve embedded it into my schedule, it quickly becomes a habit. But that’s the hardest part of starting most new things isn’t it? - the act of beginning.

There are many excuses we can make in life;






motivation etc. etc. but regardless, we shouldn’t continue excusing our personal well-being amiright? Instead of taking the easier route, the direction I always strive for is one that advances my personal goals and progresses towards where I want to be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Contrary to popular belief, your body CRAVES exercise just as much as it CRAVES a greasy burger and fries.

Last weekend I went to a FREE class offered by University Health Systems at the Tobin Center hosted by InBalance SA and long story short, Barre class is for freaking athletes.

“inBalance is a community that provides a safe place for all levels and age groups to get moving, challenge their minds, and gain empowerment over their bodies. We want people to fall in love with sustainable movement, while living a strong, healthy and beautiful life.

This was my second time to attend Fitness on the Plaza and it was certainly not my last. Not only is it free of charge but the exercises offered are from fitness studios around the city, allowing the attendees to get a feel for what their programs are all about. My favorite moment of the whole experience was watching the entire class push and persevere through the very end, fighting against the ungodly humidity. Drenched in sweat, we all parted our ways after the hour long session, to begin a productive and fulfilling Saturday feeling stronger than before!  

Check out these five studios below to add a little diversity into your workout plan:


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