Never Stop Learning!

My very first time to ever visit The Pearl Farmer’s Market was two summers ago. It was 103 degrees, I was with four of my best girlfriends and I was on a mission to find a slice of pie. Do you ever have those moments when you literally can’t do anything until you meet your cravings? I eagerly searched booth to booth until I saw a chalkboard sign at a table in front of Bakery Lorraine with Coconut Cream Pie elegantly written in refined calligraphy as if the angels from above wrote it themselves.
*Cue the Hallelujah chorus*

I approached Vintage Heart Farm’s table where the assortment of pies laid and immediately asked for a slice. We made brief conversation as Ashley (founder of Vintage Heart Farm and pie wizard) went to grab a sliver from her refrigerator and we quickly learned that we had a mutual love for Disney and became instant friends. Salivating, I paid for my long awaited piece of pie and as I took my first glorious bite I noticed that she was a woman of many talents! The hazy fog of my hangriness began to lift and I realized, not only were pies her specialty but she was also a mind-blowing florist who designed arrangements homegrown from her farm. Vintage Heart Farm’s booth offers a wide range of fresh flowers, greens, fillers - inspiration for the florist, event planner and everyone in between. From ranunculus to dusty millers, effortless appeal and enchanting aromas, it was as if I stepped into a mini flower market in Los Angeles. After getting to know Ashley and her daughter, (as she was BEYOND kind and equally interested in my life as I was hers) I couldn’t resist purchasing a mini bouquet for my kitchen table in addition to my slice of pie-which was long gone in a matter of seconds. Vintage Heart Farm’s pies and flowers are made from love, hard work and passion and their flavor and appearance reflect just that; which is why they are my personal favorite baker and florist in San Antonio, TX. 

Flash forward two and half years later I’m here to tell you today that Ashley’s Coconut Cream Pie still reigns as the best I’ve ever had and she now offers Floral Design classes-because she is THAT good! This makes me so proud to share because I love supporting and believing in someone’s business that comes from a background of kindness, humbleness, integrity and perseverance.

I attended her class last Saturday out at their charming property in Stockdale, TX and was completely emerged in all things farm life! As my friend and I came upon the barn where the session was being held the ooh’s and ah’s started pouring from our mouths uncontrollably. The tables were set for the attendees with floral tools and design 101 essentials, refreshments were being chilled in the corner and you could faintly hear the chickens in the background as the warm breeze tousled our hair. Quintessential, refreshing and breath-taking; what a heavenly afternoon it was!

Joanna Gaines feels.

I left not only with a beautiful bouquet that I made under the direction of Ashley, but I also gained credible knowledge about how to make floral arrangements and how to care for bouquets etc. all the while learning that it takes determination and manpower to harvest your own farm. I promise you, you’ll be in for a relaxing and educational afternoon, away in the haven that is Vintage Heart Farm if you choose to attend her Floral Design 101 class. Per her website, “Floral Design 101 will cover the different elements of floral design while utilizing seasonal stems grown directly here at our farm! Each participant will leave with their very own handcrafted floral arrangement. There is a limited number of seats available for each class. Classes start at 2:00pm and are 2-3 hours long.” Spots go SO fast so be sure to grab the opportunity once classes are posted! You can find them on social accounts like Instagram and Facebook or their website here!

Breaking the mold and trying new things can be difficult, but I urge you friends to never stop learning!

I have had so much fun discovering a new city, as I moved to San Antonio three years ago, that I’ve been inspired to hunt for different ways to become acclimated to the community and for me that starts with getting to know new people! 

Instagram has proved valuable in connecting me with local influencers like Vintage Heart Farm. Try using social media platforms as a source to explore new ways of seeing San Antonio and meeting the talented people that fill it.

To all the San Antonio-obsessed learners, doers and dreamers out there: Live simply. Love generously. Learn constantly.


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