Garth Brooks to Open and Close 2018 Houston Rodeo


Garth made a quick entry and exit into Houston before his appearance tomorrow at SXSW in Austin. He will open and close the 2018 Houston Rodeo. 

When asked about his absence from the rodeo since 1993 he talks about having babies and raising babies and how appreciative he is for the rodeo waiting for him to get the kids off to college. " I am so appreciative of them waiting ...they have been very sweet and they have called every year, they have been so sweet about it and it's quite an honor", said Brooks.

According to Brooks the Houston rodeo was the first time he used his now trademark headset microphone in concert. All because of the Houston Rodeo.

Garth has a press conference in Austin tomorrow for a big announcement. Speculation is he will play a surprise SXSW show on Saturday.


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