They call him ‘Spurs Jesus.’

He’s a self-described, avid Spurs fan, and felt the city needed some added team “spirit” that he started dressing like Jesus himself at every home game he attended. 

“I kind of look like Jesus and decided to dress up like him one day and the fans loved it,” he said. “We have a following all over Facebook, Instragram, and Twitter.”

Dressed in white robes with a Spurs logo, a crown of thorns and a ‘Jesus Loves the Spurs’, Spurs Jesus says he plans on going to as many games as possible because he’s become the team’s good luck charm.


“My track record is pretty good… We’ve only lost six or seven games in the four years I started being Spurs Jesus,” he said. “Fans blame be sometimes for losing, and I tell them they have to keep the faith… and remember to believe in their team no matter what, win or lose.”