Governor Perry may be retiring as government, but he sounded suspiciously like a candidate for President as he opened the C-PAC convention with a fiery call for liberty and smaller government, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  "The vision that wins out, either this big government protectionist nanny state version offered by liberal leaders, or the limited government, unsubsidized freedom state offered by conservative leaders will determine the future of our nation," Perry said.


  Perry blasted New York and California as two states that people are leaving because of high taxes and high regulation.


  And he thundered advice to the federal government.


  "Get out of the health care business, get out of the education business, stop hammering industry, let the sleeping giant of American enterprise create prosperity again!"


  Perry said a federal government that can't seem to find the money to deliver the mail on Saturday has plenty of money to force its way into very aspect of Americans' personal lives.


  Perry said the Obama Administration seems to think it can continue to spend and spend 'without the bill ever coming due.'


  Despite the loud applause Perry got for his remarks, he didn't comment on his future political plans.


  Perry will leave office as governor at the end of this year.