A Texas attorney who filed a federal lawsuit against General Motors last month over the recall of more than two million vehicles due to ignition problems today filed a new lawsuit in state court in Texas naming six current GM executives as defendants.


  Among the defendants in the case are the two lead design engineers on the Chevrolet Cobalt, one of the recalled vehicles.


  The lawsuit claims that the two 'attempted to conceal a defective condition that GM knew about in 2006.'


  "People have died," attorney Bob Hilliard told 1200 WOAI news late Thursday.  "This is a cover up."


  "It is clear that every one of these engineers was involved in the details of the Cobalt design and the defect.  They knew about it, they did nothing to stop it, even if they had a clear duty to prevent it."


  The other four defendants are identified as GM executives and executives with Motors Liquidation Corporation, the holding company for the assets of the pre bankruptcy GM.


  Hilliard is also asking a federal judge in Corpus Christi to order every vehicle covered by the recall to be parked and not driven until it can be repaired, a request GM opposes.


  In addition to financial compensation for damages suffered by a woman who was injured in a collusion Hilliard says was caused by a faulty Cobalt ignition switch, the new lawsuit seeks to compel GM to 'designate a witness to appear for a deposition on who at the company knew about the faulty ignition switches, and why the company didn't immediately recall the cars when it was first known to have a defect.'


  "Driving a recalled GM vehicle is like carrying a stick of dynamite with a slow burning fuse," Hilliard told 1200 WOAI news.  "When it goes off, it will be sudden, violent, and deadly."