Okay, this is starting to get a little tiresome.


  North East ISD Superintendent Brian Gottardy says another e-mailed threat has been received, this time it was e-mailed to the Northside ISD and threatened violence against 'Madison High School, making reference to a mass shooting at an unspecified time.'


 The San Antonio Police Department says the person who made the threat is the same person who is responsible for past telephone threats from 2012 and 2013, which forced brief shut downs at San Antonio International Airport, and an investigation at a downtown hotel.


  The same prankster also even threatened Police Chief William McManus' home and family.


  "The San Antonio Regional Intelligence Center has determined that this person does not reside in Texas and lacks the immediate capability to carry out the threats he has made," Police said in a statement.


  Gottardy says the latest threat, like the e-mailed threat which happened last week and cost local schools millions of dollars in lost state aid to education funding when thousands of students skipped class, is 'not credible.'


  "Last week we told you about an anonymous threat against an unnamed San Antonio Elementary School," Gottardy said in a letter sent home to parents.'  "I want to share with you a new threat which San Antonio Police and the FBI believe to have been sent by the same person."


  Gottardy says police have an increased presence at Madison, and he is confident that the new policy which allows only clear or mesh backpacks, gym bags, and large purses to be allowed in school will keep Madison safer.


  While the same 'out of state' individual is responsible for all of these threats, there is no connection between this individual and the gun scare at Madison on Monday in which a 17 year old Madison student brought weapons to school and was arrested.  It is also unconnected to a text message threat at Madison the following day, which was sent by a Judson High School student who is also being punished.