It’s a safe bet that Texas Democrats are not suffering from a case of 'Cat Scratch Fever.'


  Democrats are blasting Republican governor candidate Greg Abbott for making two campaign stops this week with controversial rocker Ted Nugent.


  "Greg Abbott is sending a message to Texans it is all right to call the President of the United States a Communist nurtured subhuman mongrel," Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa said.


  Nugent, who lives in Crawford, has become a favorite of the Tea Party movement with comments like this one...that he made in an interview with the web site ''


  "Even the GOP is so busy adjusting their tie they wouldn't know how to sell a blanket to a naked man in a blizzard," Nugent said.


  Even though Nugent has been known to fire up conservative and Tea Party groups, many mainstream Texas Republicans have kept their distance from Nugent, who moved to Texas from his native Michigan in 2000.  Nugent was known as the 'Motor City Madman' during a fiery career as a guitarist.


  Nugent referred to President Obama as 'A Chicago Communist-raised Communist-educated, Communist-nurtured subhuman mongrel,' in the interview.


  The Republican Party declined to comment on Abbott's TED Talk, but the Abbott campaign was making no apologies.


  "Ted Nugent is a forceful advocate for individual liberty and constitutional rights---especially the Second Amendment rights cherished by Texans," the campaign said in an e-mail to 1200 WOAI news.


  Democratic front groups were also quick to pounce on the Abbott-Nugent connection.  Media Matters for America put out 'ten misogynist attacks,' comments which Nugent has made which were critical of Democratic women like Hillary Clinton and Janet Reno.


  Abbott plans to campaign with Nugent in Waco and Wichita Falls.