When President Obama spoke at a fundraiser in Houston last night, he was accompanied by national Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, by Democratic officeholders like Houston Congressional representatives Al Green and Sheila Jackson Lee..and the candidate for governor was there.  The 2010 candidate, Bill White, that is.


  2014 candidate for governor Wendy Davis was not at the Obama-Pelosi event in Houston last night, although her campaign says she will attend ceremonies at the LBJ Library in Austin today to mark the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  Davis did not appear at the fundraiser, even though the President's main talking point at the event was equal pay, a key issue in the Davis campaign.


  Political analyst Cal Jillson of SMU says it isn't surprising that Davis declined to appear, not with the President, but with super-partisan Democrats like Pelosi, who recently praised Obamacare and denied allegations that Democratic candidates will not support Obamacare in the fall elections.


  "Although Obamacare has closed strong and is coming up a little bit in national polls, it is still unpopular in Texas," Jillson said.


  The Greg Abbott campaign made much of Davis's failure to appear at the Houston fundraiser.


  "Davis supports Obamacare, just like President Obama and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi," Abbott campaign spokesman Matt Hirsch said.  "Wendy Davis said the new health care low would not only provide health care for the uninsured, but boost jobs in the medical industry," he said.


  The President also spoke at the Ft. Hood memorial service, and Jillson says that event set the tone for the President's visit.


  "I think she is probably trying to respect that," Jillson said.


  Several dignitaries from both parties will be at the LBJ Library event later today, including former President George W. Bush.