The Border Patrol today announced it has seized nearly $2 million in cocaine and methamphetamine from smugglers in the Rio Grande Valley, showing that the agency is able to do it’s main job of protecting the border despite the rush of illegal immigrant children, 1200 WOAI news reports.

  22.3 pounds of meth was found stuffed inside a Ford F-150 pickup as it was coming across the Hidalgo International Bridge.

  Also, a stash of 38 pounds of cocaine was found inside a Buick at the same bridge. 

  The guy with the cocaine, a 31 year old Mexican citizen from Tamaulipas, and the man with the meth, a 29 year old Mexican citizen who lives in Reynosa, were both arrested.

  Concerns had been raised that the Border Patrol was less able to intercept loads of drugs and other contraband coming across the border into Texas because of the demands being placed on them by the illegal immigrant Central American children.