As students prepare to go back to school on Monday, San Antonio City Council wants to make sure that the city is doing everything it can to make sure the kids have a save route to and from class, Newsradio 1200 WOAI.

  Northside Councilman Joe Krier says city staff has been asked to do a full report on how much it would cost to make the needed upgrades to improve the city's school zones and routes that kids take to school.

  He says the number one problem in many areas is a lack of sidewalks.

  "There is a lack of sidewalks for kids who walk to school in the high growth areas of the city, generally on the north side," Krier said, adding that a lack of sidewalks is also a problem in more established neighborhoods as well.

  A nine year old girl was killed in Krier's district last spring as she was walking to school.  He says the problems with that area, which have since been corrected, are problems he wants to correct all around the city.

  "We had old signs, we did not have the overhead flashing yellow signs, which make a big difference, and we did not have the crosswalk markings on the street that tell people, hey, you're in a school zone, slow down."

  Krier thinks that speed limits are good around school zones, the key is enforcement, and he says the law that requires drivers to get off their cell phones while driving through school zones is also helping keep kids safer.

  He says in some areas, the improvement might be just as simple as making sure brush and bushes around schools and schools zones are trimmed more frequently, to make sure that drivers don't have any unobstructed views when they are driving through school zones and can see kids when they begin to cross the street.

  Krier says he is particularly concerned about the situation around school zones as fall arrives and it begins to be dark when kids are getting on the bus early in the morning.