Has Edward Toscano been inside your home?


  Police in College Station have arrested the San Antonio man on suspicion of involvement in more than forty home burglaries, in San Antonio, Boerne, Austin, and Comal County.


  And College Station Police Lieutenant Chuck Fleeger says Toscano is suspected of 26 home burglaries this week in College Station alone.


  "While he is locked up, he is certainly not going to be victimizing anybody else, as he certainly has done extensively," Fleeger said.


  Fleeger says he received reports of Toscano's activities from several law enforcement agencies in the San Antonio area.


  Fleeger says they are going through an inventory of items that were seized when Toscano, 33, was arrested.


  "And the goal is to try and find that stolen property if possible and get it back to the rightful owners," he said.