San Antonio Police are issuing tips to all solo joggers and walkers of both sexes, after a woman was attacked while jogging along the Leon Creek Greenway on the northwest side, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  The attack happened not far from where a 24 year old college student was murdered on December 31st.  She was jogging in O.P. Schnabel Park.


  Police say a man wearing a ski mask attacked the woman, but fortunately she was able to fight him off and call police.  She described the man as having a tattoo of a spider on his neck.


  Police say their presence has been stepped up in the area, but officers also issued these tips:



•Be aware of your surroundings and know where you are at all times

•Don’t be distracted by your phones, tablets, etc.

•Don’t wear ear buds in both ears while walking or jogging to music

•Avoid walking or running alone

•Avoid isolated or deserted areas

•Be aware of the potential hazards that exist of walking or jogging when it’s dark

•Bright/reflective clothing or mini lights are recommended if it’s early morning or dusk.

•If you are walking and anything makes you feel uncomfortable, TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS, keep your phone handy and prepare to take action.

•Report suspicious or criminal activity to police right away.