Americans Choose Order for a Wedding Date Dates like 07/07/07 and 11/12/13 see spike =============================

National reports show a predicted spike in the number of weddings on an ordinary Tuesday because of the date 11/12/13 ... all nice and tidy and in a row. But local wedding planner Tracy French says locally she hasn't got one wedding booked.

"Next Tuesday I don't have a wedding booked.
There may be random couples running to the courthouse.
It's an awkward date; Tuesday kinda throws a wrench in the weeks' schedule."

French says while some may rush
to an alter next Tuesday there's
another date that's really filling

"The date that I think will be very
popular will be next year
12/13/14 ... that will be the most
popular date to get married on."

That's because it's a Saturday.
She says bookings are already coming in.

Couples like to pick memorable dates
to get married, a conversation starter
and a date to remember.