Stronger Isn't Always Better
Especially in the case of magnets

Magnets today aren't just the ones pinning
grocery lists on your refrigerator. Today, they're
much stronger, the so called "rare earth" magnets
are also used in toys.

Children's Hospital of San Antonio's Mark Gilger, M.D., says
some children swallow these magnets causing
mayhem in their stomachs.

"And once these are ingested, if you swallow more
than one, these magnets are so powerful that they
will find each other within the intestine."

"The adult can find them quite fun, but if a
two year old walks by, they might think that
they're candy."

And perhaps ingest one or two magnets.

Gilger says teens have found a new use for

"The teenagers have found that these kind
of magnets can mimic piercing so they will
put it on their tongue, cheek or nose and these
magnets don't fall off."

Gilger will testify to
their hazards before the Consumer Product
Safety Commission to warn the public
of their hazard.