San Antonio has a Public Library, soon it will have a bookless library, and now it has a 'Little Library.'


  1200 WOAI news reports the city's first 'Little Library' was opened today on the west side by the activist group the Esperanza Peace and Justice Center.


  Little Library volunteer Suzanna Cigurra says unlike regular libraries, with a Little Library you don't need a library card and there are never any library fines.


  "You can borrow a book at any time, you can keep it as long as you want, and then you bring it back whenever you want," she said.  "Or if you don't want to bring it back you don't have to, you can trade it in for another book you have at home."


 The Little Library movement began in Wisconsin, where the son of a school teacher honored his recently deceased mother by putting books in front of his home for others to pick up, read, and return when they wanted.  He realized that a lot of people want to read, and Cigurra says many don't have access to usual libraries.


  "A lot of people don't have library cards, so this is an easy way of them to come out and read," she said.


  She says the idea of the Little Library has spread across the country, but this is the first Little Library in San Antonio.  She says anybody who wants to participate can place a brightly decorated book depository on their yard or out by the curb, and invite people to take a book if they want.