Joe Krier, the long time President of the Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce and a major backer of toll roads, today was appointed to the San Antonio City Council to succeed Elisa Chan, who resigned last month to run for the State Senate.


  Eight Council members supported Krier, and two supported long time neighborhood activist Art Downey.  A total of three finalists were named from the 13 people who applied for the job.


  Krier was CEO of the Greater Chamber for 20 years, resigning in 2007 to establish a political and business consulting firm with his wife, former State Senator and County Judge Cyndi Krier.


  "That allowed me to be a part of all of the major job creation decisions and projects that happened during that time, and the major school district, city and county bond issues that happened during that time," Krier said.


  Mayor Julian Castro praised Krier's job creation experience, and said that was the major reason he supported Krier over the other two contenders.


  Krier said he has been a resident of San Antonio's north central District 9 for eleven years, and understands what people who live in that district want.


  "They want good streets and potholes fixed," he said.  "They want good police and fire and they want a very conservative use of their tax dollars."


  Krier will serve on council until the city elections in 2015.  He has not announced whether he will seek re-election at that time.