Jonathan Lee Iverson says he was auditioning for a part at a dinner theater in Wisconsin, and out of the blue, he was invited to apply for a job he didn't even know existed....Ringmaster for the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus.

  "It was weird, I got this call out of the blue aafter my dinner theater audition," Iverson said.  "It was like the CIA calling and asking 'you want to be one of our spies?'"

  But Iverson auditioned and he got the job.  He says he was originally interested in a career as an opera singer.

  "My plan was to continue my studies in opera, but I thought this would be a better pickup line," he joked.  "Hi, I'm a ringmaster!"

  Iverson will be in the center ring starting Thursday when the circus comes to the AT&T Center for a special show entitled 'Dragons.'  He points out that the 140 year old circus is the longest running show in American history, and it has been around longer than Major League Baseball.

  He calls the circus the original multi-tasking entertainment, a combination of Cirque de Soleil, with the amazing authentic Kung Fu Warriors, and a
'monster truck' event, with the Globe of Steel motorcycle spectacular.

  "This year they are attempting eight motorcycles inside that globe, a 16 foot sphere, with eight motorcycles going at speeds of up to 60 miles her hour," he said.  "Yeah, they're insane."

  In addition to fast moving entertainment, the classic circus clowns, and the animal shows, Iverson says there is something special about the circus.  He says there is a pre-show where people in the audience are invited to come down and meet the performers.  Just try getting into a Cowboys locker room and shaking Tony Romo's hand at the next NFL game you attend.

  "We have a pre show that is free with your ticket," he said.  "You come down to the arena floor, you get to meert the artist, you get to see some of the animals, you get to hang out with the clowns."

  The circus performance runs through Monday.