Fifty years ago the 'bubblin crude' that Jed Clampett found near his hillbilly home sparked a popular TV sit com. Now a Hollywood producer thinks the impact of the 'Texas tea' which has turned residents of the Brush Country into modern day Jed Clampetts might make a great 'Duck Dynasty' style reality show.


Carrie Stett, a producer with Los Angeles based Fractal Media, has begun interviewing residents of the Eagle Ford for a possible reality show, with the working title of 'Fracking Millionaires.' She says 'rags to riches' stories have always fascinated Americans.


"The idea is to look for rags to riches stories from real people, and create a series, based on the interesting personalities that we find," Stett told 1200 WOAI news.


She stresses that the show has not been green lighted yet and is still in the 'pitch' phase. But Stett has a significant background in Hollywood, working with the major networks as well as on reality projects, and she says she feels good about this Reality show idea.


"We're really look at the phenomenon that is going on down there with this influx of prosperity, and how that is changing people's lives."


Stett says she is particularly interested in the concept of 'mailbox money,' how people who were normal middle class residents of small town Texas just two or three yeas ago are now receiving six and seven figure checks in their mailboxes regularly, as royalties for oil drilling and other production activities taking place on the scrub land their families have had for generations, frequently using to scratch out a living raising cattle or growing cotton.


"We're looking at how that affects people," she said. "I know a lot of people don't want to change their lives and lifestyles, and it is really interesting to see how that affects people, especially when we are experiencing tough times in the U.S."


Stett and her team have been chatting with Brush Country residents to gauge interest in their participation in the program. If you’re can contact She wants full name, contact information, a recent photo, and a biography.