What may have been the worst publicity stunt ever conceived...projecting a music video on the front of the Alamo...fell apart last night as Park Police and Alamo security prevented fans of singer Kanye West from approaching the Alamo, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  West has been premiering the video for his new song "New Slaves" by projecting the video on the side of famous buildings.  But when some six hundred to eight hundred fans who had been notified on Twitter that the video was going to be shown on the Alamo at midnight, they rushed to the Alamo, only to be confronted by police.


  "They're trying to show his video, his brand new video for 'New Slaves'," one Kanye fan told 1200 WOAI news.  "They tried to, but it didn't work out."


  The crowd on Alamo Plaza was peaceful, milling around, taking pictures on their phones, and chatting with police on bicycles who prevented them from approaching the Alamo.


  One Kanye fan said he had been running around all night trying to see the video.


  "We went to North Star Mall, the cops told us to shut down, we went to the Guenther House, the cops told us to shut down, we went here, they told us to shut down," he said.  "Everywhere." 

There was also a healthy contingent of people carrying flags, who said they were there to protest what they considered the 'inappropriate' use of the Alamo.  There were no incidents between the two groups.


  The same thing happened in Houston, where an attempt to show the video at three locations Friday night were broken up by police.


  It's not entirely clear whether there ever was a serious attempt to 'project the video' onto the Alamo, as Kanye West fans were told would happen.  A video of the scene shows no indication of projection equipment, and the Alamo is brightly lit all night long, which would make it difficult for any projection to be visible on the front wall.


  Then, there's the embarrassing matter of using a building where hundreds of Texian and Mexican soldiers died as a prop for a music video on Memorial Day which makes the whole thing close to 'cringe-worthy.' 

  The crowd was respectful, and dispersed when it became clear that no video would be shown.


  Who knows, maybe the whole thing was a stunt to get us to write articles about Kanye West, and stir up some 'buzz' for the video.