The long term impact of Monday's massacre at the Washington Navy Yard remains uncertain, but one thing is already very certain: it has sparked a huge increase in gun sales.


  Local gun dealers say sales are up as much as 40% just since Monday, when Aaron Alexis opened fire at the Navy Yard, killing 12 people before he was killed by police.


  "Its the fear factor," said Jerry McCall, the owner of Texas Guns and the Texas Thunder gun range on Bandera Road.  "They realize that if something happens, they must protect themselves and their families."


  McCall says events like the mass shooting in Washington make people realize just how vulnerable they are to random violence.  He says if 12 people were shot on a military base in the heart of the nation's capital, with more police and federal agents per capita than any city in the country, before authorities could stop the gunman, people realize that there is absolutely no chance that local police and deputies will arrive at a home of the average citizen if trouble starts before it is far too late.


  "Individuals are concerned," he said.  "They are concerned that the police would not get to them on time to protect them and their family, and they come in and buy firearms."


  In addition to the added sense of vulnerability caused by the Washington shootings, there is also a concern that the incident will lead to new gun restrictions.


  He says the months since the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting last December, which prompted serious new talk of gun restrictions, has been a record for sales of guns and ammunition.


  "The amount of guns that were sold in the last five to six months have broken all precedents for the United States, ever," he said.  "Ammo is in very short supply.  Manufacturers can't keep up with demand."