And Native Americans will be fairly
represented, if not by history,
at least through art. The Briscoe
Western Art Museum is showcasing
Comanches Calvert and Tim Tate
Nevaquaya and their modern
day teepee ... soon to be a permanent

"Here in San Antonio was
part of Comanche country at one time,"
says Tim Tate Nevaquaya's whose father
was a famous oil painter, something
he has continued in the family.

"I use Apaches as subjects
and then exploring to bring
the spirituality of the dance
out, for people to relate
and also as a bit of mystery."

The teepee is an update of
how those Comanches lived,
not made of skins but pale
canvas ... decorated with
prints of animals that sustained
their nomadic way of life.

"I am glad that I get to do
this project here to show people
what was going on before this
way of life was disturbed,"
says Tim Tate Nevaquaya.