A burglar must have misread the calendar before he set out to break into a south side restaurant this morning.


  He apparently thought it was 'take your dog to work day.'


  Police say the man successfully broke into the Nuevo Vallarta Mexican Restaurant at Roosevelt and Southwest Military about 1:15 this morning, and stole about $40 from the jukebox.


  Just enough to pay for dog food, because, police say, for some unknown reason, the burglar decided to bring his dog along on the heist.


  When police answering the burglar alarm arrived, the man fled and jumped into some bushes about a block away.


  But that's when Man's Best Friend gave him up.


  Police say as they were searching for the man, they heard the dog growl at them from the bushes.


  When they shone their flashlight in that area, sure enough, there was their suspect.


  The burglar was arrested.