Fans are lining up for the
second installment of the
Star Trek movie series
"Star Trek Into Darkness".
Evan Hudec says he's a Trekkie
because both of his parents are.

"I know a lot of guys who
are worried that they are
going to destroy everything
but I am skeptical, yes, but
going in on a positive note."

"If you look at the technology
like the flip phone communicators
which became cell phones, a lot
of what Gene Roddenberry thought up
has become reality," says Hudec.

He says Trekkies are fans because
they like how Star Trek
depicts not only the future ...
but a democratic society.

"When you look at the original,
it was during the Cold War.
It was in the time of the civil rights
movement and they had Lt. Uhura
and she wasn't just an enlisted
person, she was a lieutenant."

Hudec says he looks forward
to the newest movie ... and has
faith that the creators will
stick with themes tried and true.