Stars' Funniest First Jobs


Celebrities have revealed the odd jobs they worked before becoming famous including dressing up in chicken or banana costume, and others have cleaned toilets.

Jennifer Aniston: She says she’s “always enjoyed” the different jobs she’s had, no matter what the pay. She even takes pride in her old job cleaning toilets “as a kid” – she says she’s “actually pretty good at it.”

Russell Crowe: The actor used to be a DJ in a nightclub and his stage name was “Russ Le Roq.”

Patrick Dempsey: He used to literally juggle for money when he was 15. He even tried to join the circus, but got turned down.

Johnny Depp: He’s not proud of the gig, but Depp used to work as a pen salesman.

Megan Fox: Fox has experience dressing up as a banana when she used to work at a “smoothie cafe." She had two mascot choices: an apple or a banana. She says she chose the banana “because it was thinner.”

Hugh Jackman: Before he was Wolverine in “X-Men,” the actor stood behind the counter at a 7-11 but then got fired for talking “too much to the customers.”

Meghan Markle: Any Royal watcher knows that Meghan loves a good “handwritten notes” – in fact, her good penmanship used to earn her extra cash before her role on “Suits.” She worked as a calligraphist to pay the bills while she was trying to make it in Hollywood.

Brad Pitt: He used to work at El Pollo Loco in Los Angeles… by standing outside in a chicken suit.

Chris Rock: He work at Red Lobster as a busboy.

Channing Tatum: It’s no secret that Tatum worked as a male stripper (it inspired his role on “Magic Mike” by his real life experience). The actor says that he used to make $150 “on a good night,” and as low as $70 or $50 “on a bad night.”

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