Titans of Tailgate: Chef Logan Kendall

Chef Logan Kendall | Chef/Director of Culinary Chefs Roll | San Diego, California

“Growing up my grandmother would make her mothers cornbread. She did that because she wanted to preserve her heritage, she celebrated where she came from and wanted her mother to live on. Now I am the keeper of that cornbread recipe. I’ve always found that fascinating about food. Its an ability to experience the past.”

Logan Kendall is a young cook living in San Diego, CA, and currently Chef/Director of Culinary for Chefs Roll, a social media chef company whose influence ranges from Instagram to live events hosting a slew of the countries best talent. Logan also works as a consulting chef, writing menus, creating concepts, and implementing systems into some of San Diego’s upcoming restaurant/brewery concepts as well as having just launched his pop up series It’s Ok Probably” with dear friend Jessica Pilar. 

His cooking began in his hometown eventually working for David Bancroft at his JBF Nominated Restaurant Acre shortly after its opening. There he was educated and influenced by David’s approach to Southern Cuisine and his practices suggesting the importance of knowing where our food comes from and the responsibility we have to support our areas Farmers. In 2013, Logan moved to Eufaula, Alabama where he came on as a partner to his first restaurant shortly after. After leaving Eufaula, Logan stayed in his home state of Alabama working in Montgomery and Gulf Shores, continuing to study southern cuisine and educate himself about edible wild plants from the center of the state down to the coast before moving to California to work for Chefs Roll.

A self taught chef and forager, Logan’s approach to food has changed a bit since moving to California, being influenced by the immense variety of produce and cultures. Logan’s flavor combinations and abstract plating style are emotionally influenced, attempting to express anger, anxiety, depression, or happiness into his plates by using a varying depths of flavor, techniques, poems, and plating styles. I believe cooking is an expressive tool we have, its a responsibility. Its one of the most intimate forms of art there is because someone is literally consuming your efforts. Through cooking we are able to express emotions like being homesick and creating comfort by making your grandmothers squash casserole.”

Titans Of Tailgate
Titans Of Tailgate
Titans Of Tailgate invades Sunken Garden Feb 3


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