Titans of Tailgate: Chef Jeff White

Chef Jeff White  | Executive Chef of Boiler House | San Antonio, Texas

Born and raised in San Antonio, TX, self-taught Executive Chef Jeff White of Boiler House Texas Grill & Wine Garden has made a mark in his hometown with his foie gras dishes and love for charcuterie. White has over 30 years of culinary experience, having worked for some of Texas’s finest dining establishments such as Biga on the Banks, L’Etoile, and Austin’s Louis 106. Discovering his passion for cooking by the early age of 15, White started out his culinary career by submersing himself into the craft and fulfilling almost every position possible within a kitchen. With a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Texas State Technical College, becoming a classically French-trained Executive Chef with numerous awards under his belt was not White’s predicted career path. As a featured chef at the James Beard House in New York City, and a recipient of a bronze medal from the American Culinary Association, following his passion for Southern style cuisine led White to become Executive Chef for Boiler House.

From patè to chicken and dumplings, White finds cooking therapeutic and takes pride in his curing and braising skills. Prior to joining Boiler House, White worked as an Executive Chef at True Flavors Catering Company along side locally renowned Chef Johnny Hernandez.

White currently lives in San Antonio, TX, and is the father to one daughter, Kaileigh White.

Titans Of Tailgate
Titans Of Tailgate
Titans Of Tailgate invades Sunken Garden Feb 3


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