Silent Disco Q&A

Southtown’s first EVER Silent Disco Party is happening THIS SATURDAY August 19, 2017 so get ready to be shook SA!! THREE live DJ’s, THREE music channels all in one AMAZING night with music from the 70'S, 80'S, 90’S, and today brought to you by Injoy! It’s all going down at Brick at Blue Star and YOU need to be there!

I was honored enough to have a Q&A with the founder of Injoy, Angelica Torres and basically, she’s a genius. Angie has BIG dreams for her company and it’s literally going to change the way we do SA. She’s innovative, a SA native, a visionary and just straight up brilliant. I KNOW you will be just as big of fan as I am after you get to know more about Angie in the Q&A below; to preface, Silent Disco is an event you’re NOT going to want to miss.

Now without any further ado allow me to let her do the talking…

Tell us more about Injoy? 

  • Our mission is to bring unique experiences and memorable events to San Antonio! We make it easy to be a local because we only work with locals in San Antonio + surrounding small cities.

Tell us more about you: 

  • Interests: arts, local scene, meeting new people, collaboration, graphic designing, apparel shopping, cooking! music too - I appreciate the human voice and synths, which explains my hella diverse music choices, cycling.
  • Hobbies- foodie who loves to check out new local upcoming restaurants with a fresh aesthetic, cycling around the city, connecting with local freelancers, entrepreneurs, networking events, yoga, fabric shopping! 
  • Where you were born - SA Native! Graphic Designed in Los Angeles for 3 years and moved back to bring SA 
  • Favorite social accounts to follow -Carly's Cube :) BOSCH for foods! Ethical clothing brands / local artists like Shelby Cristwell art and paper trail - 
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years - Running Injoy in SA Full time ;) 
  • Style icons - ethical clothing brands for sure! Thrifting is cool in my book. Unique finds are my absolute favorite. 
  • Food - Plant based yummies! Senor Veggie / and Kawashi off Broadway are both local and vegan friendly :) La Botanica is a great bar not only for the drinks (and specials!) but because of their catering towards Vegan and Gluten Free peeps!

Who is your biggest inspiration?

  • My parents are my biggest inspiration because they instilled in me what it means to work hard and be the best me possible no matter how difficult the situation may be.

What motivated you to create your own company?

  • It was during my time in LA. I made a lot of very inspirational friends. Friends, who from nothing built companies that are making it, companies that aren't just surviving but thriving. Seeing that happen first hand took away the fantasy of it all and made it feel more tangible and achievable.

What are your favorite things to do in San Antonio?

  • I love to attend local art galleries, SA Current events, 2nd Thursday at the Mcnay, and really any event that benefits local non-profits in SA! I'm totally about helping our city on the rise!

How do you picture San Antonio's night life/entertainment culture in 5 years?

  • 5 years from now I picture a San Antonio where unique and fresh experiences aren't the exception but the norm. Where going out doesn't just involve going to a bar, where a silent disco isn't just a special event but a regularly thrown event.

What's a silent disco?

  • A silent disco is a whirlwind of fun! When you enter the venue you'll be given a set of headphones that sync to the three live DJ's of the evening. You have choices to alternate between DJ's via a button on the headset! Each Headset glows a different color depending on your DJ of choice for that moment. The best part is you can sit and have a conversation while injoying a charcoal milkshake or sushi with your group rather than overexerting your voice to barely be heard. At our silent disco we will have a coloring/painting experience for our guests as well as a glitter bar for the gals! This is an event you do NOT want to miss : )

What are the top 6 things attendees should get excited about for Southtown's first Silent Disco?

What kind of music will be played at the Silent Disco?

  • Genres from all your favorite throwbacks! 3 different live djs spinning through classics and mixes of 70's 80's 90's and 00's

Is there a theme?

  • Yes! Pastel Pop / Art Pop / Pastels colors will be decked out throughout our venue. Bring your pastel inspired apparel and colored wigs to match!

For ticket info click here and be on the lookout for more Injoy events to come!


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