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Last Friday marked my very first time to ever see a performance at The Playhouse San Antonio’s Russell Hill Rogers Theater and it felt as though I stepped away from the Alamo City and walked into the streets of Time Square. Nothing makes me feel more alive than seeing a Broadway performance or being on stage so it was such a treat to be in the presence of incredible playwrights, performers, directors and everyone in between.

My husband and I heard about The Playhouse’s rendition of Hairspray after I attended The Cellar Theater’s Crimes of the Heart production and instantly knew what our next Friday date night was going to consist of. There’s nothing wrong with a dinner and movie routine, but we have always been somewhat more colorful of a couple and constantly seek something active or unique around SA to experience on the weekends.

And booooy did seeing Hairspray fit the bill.

Being new to San Antonio, we observe EVERYTHING with fresh eyes. Although we are coming up on our third anniversary living here, it seems as though there’s always a new venture, people to meet, restaurants to try and communities to explore!

HENCE-we paid a trip to The Playhouse. But really, who knew? Not me! If it wasn’t for my friend being in a play there last month I would’ve lived my life not being aware of the GREATNESS that is Playhouse.

Whether you’ve lived here for 3 weeks or 30 years, it’s time you ought to appreciate and support San Antonio’s local theatre and make your way to The Playhouse Theater. Ok? Okay. 

See below for more about The Playhouse’s history from their Playbill:

The Playhouse was founded as San Antonio Little Theater in 1912 as part of the growing Little Theatre movement sweeping the nation. Housed in the first city-owned, city-built theater in the United States, The Playhouse holds a place of pride in San Antonio history. In its time, The Playhouse has produced thousands of plays and reached an audience of millions, including residents and visitors from all over the world. Each year, The Playhouse’s staff, with the help of nearly 500 volunteers, produces a series of plays in its two theaters. The Russell Hill Rogers Theater is home to larger musicals while the Cellar Theater houses a variety of dramas, comedies, and experimental works. Both stages host original works by local playwrights as well as classic and recent Broadway hits. Each season, The Playhouse contracts hundreds of local artists, showcasing some of San Antonio and the nation’s greatest talents.

The moment we parked, we could feel the energy of the crowd in the atmosphere as they busted through the doors of the Playhouse making their way to will call and sipped on their glasses of Chardonnay before curtain.  Not knowing what to expect, my hubs and I dressed pretty casual-like skirt and wedges kind of casual-but we soon realized a night at the theatre required a more dress to impress flair-which I’m NEVER opposed to! Alas, we made our way inside along with our fellow Broadway fanatics and quickly were ‘Welcomed to the 60s.’

Before the show began, CEO George Green welcomed his guests, expressed his gratitude and informed theatre goers in SA that The Playhouse’s calendar extends 52 weeks a year (that’s nonstop entertainment every weekend people!) He then kindly reminded everyone to escape away from the real world and silent our cell phones; the lights dimmed and the show commenced.

Needless to say, at curtain call-I was PRACTICALLY one of the ‘Nicest Kids In Town’ after almost BURSTING out of my seat from dancing, singing and swaying! The caliber of talent Playhouse hosts is far beyond what I expected. Every character was brought to life in what seemed to be like a FLAWLESS performance.

WHAT. A. SHOW y’all.

I’ve been a huge fan of the story of Hairspray since I was in high school, but I felt like I truly got to connect with it this time, due to the intimacy of the theater and the delivery that each actor poured out on stage. Not only is Hairspray firmly rooted on the feel-good pillars of big dreams and believing in yourself, but also confronts racial discrimination. See below, a note from Director Omar Leos that truly hits home for all who reside in San Antonio:

‘I remembered an article I read from the express news that detailed how San Antonio was the first southern city in the US to integrate lunch counters. To little fanfare, San Antonio paved the way for other major southern cities to follow suit, Community and religious leaders came together to help integrate to plan this milestone, much like the characters in hairspray come together to help integrate a teen dance show…It is my wish that you walk away from this show feeling empowered to create and instill change.’

I’d like to wish a BIG APPLE CONGRATULATIONS to Director Omar Leos and his incredible cast and crew- the sky’s the limit when it comes to anything and everything Playhouse San Antonio.

Hairspray was an unforgettable show WITHOUT QUESTION! It had me listening to the soundtrack all weekend long and dancing throughout the San Antonio streets like Tracy Turnblad herself! How many exclamation points are too many exclamation points because I can’t get over it!?

Can’t attend Hairspray? You’re in luck! The 2017-2018 line up is posted with shows that run 52 weekends year round! Below are the run dates:

See ya at the theatre!


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