Tim McGraw Says Playing Live Is Like Playing High School Football

If you've ever played organized sports, then you know how TIM MCGRAW feels right before going on stage. Somebody asked how he's feeling about getting back on the road again, and he did the sports analogy thing.

Quote, "I always compare it to being an athlete in high school, in the locker room before a game. I don't get nervous. [I get] really excited and just full of energy and adrenaline. To me it's like game day. I get pretty jacked up for it."

The only time he gets anxious is when he performs on TV, especially on awards shows. Quote, "Now that's a whole different story. That makes you really nervous, and that's when I really have to gather myself."

This is interesting too. Tim gets just as annoyed as the rest of us when one of his shows is delayed for some reason. Quote, "When we have a show and something's delaying it, it drives me crazy. I want to get going [and] get ready to hit it."

One last thing, in case you didn't see this. Tim posted a brief clip last week of himself and BRANDON DAVIS doing a virtual of"Something Like That".

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