Don't Miss Out on Huge Labor Day Sales!

Where to Find the Best Labor Day Deals

We all know that Labor Day weekend is the best time to hang out with friends and family. We also know that is the best time to get out there to do shopping. There are a ton of deals happening right now some of your favorite stores with some of your favorite brands! Take advantage of these before it’s too late. This could also be the best time to get some of that early holiday shopping done! Hey, you were thinking it. Right?

Some of the brands marking stuff down include Adidas, Black Owned Everything, Columbia, Everlane, Nike, Levi's, Nordstrom, Reebok, Fenty Beauty, and Lumin. Target is also having a sale and has items like rugs, protein powder, Ari Fryers, mini-fridges, laptops, toys, and air conditioners on sale.

Here are some fun facts about Labor Day 2021

Since Labor Day is Monday, let's learn some interesting facts about the holiday. Labor Day was first celebrated in 1882, but became an official federal holiday in 1894. Labor Day always falls on the first Monday of September. Long long ago, The first Labor Day parade was held in NYC in 1882. Women rule the world: The Department of Labor, created after Labor Day became a holiday, was the first department led by a woman. Her name was Frances Perkins.

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