It's a #JoshFight!

The #JoshFight actually happened! So over the weekend I kept seeing this all over social media. Turns out, this epic battle of the Joshes has been a year in the making. A guy named Josh from Nebraska sent out an invite a year ago to guys named Josh in the area for April 24th 2021. Dozens of Joshes actually showed up! Now, before you conjure up the image of a massive "Fight Club" scene, it wasn't like that at all. These Joshes arrived in costume with pool noddles and after it was all said and done "Little Josh" won! No, that's not an ironic play on words for a Josh standing at 6 feet tall. "Little Josh" is literally a four year old child.

He won a Burger King crown and a wrestling title belt.

No word whether or not Josh Fight will become an annual event. My question, when will the "Battle of the Brads" happen?

Here is the winner!