CDC: Fully Vaccinated People Can Travel Again

The welcomed news came out today from the CDC. You can now safely travel if you are fully vaccinated. This is definitely great news for family members who haven't seen one another in a long time due to travel restrictions or the risks of contracting COVID-19.

The CDC has issued new guidelines for travel, with good news for Americans who have been fully vaccinated. The agency says vaccinated people can travel "at low risk to themselves" as long as precautions like mask-wearing are followed.  International travelers should still get tested before and after returning to the U.S.

However, CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walansky still recommends against travel due to the uncertainty of rising coronavirus cases.

What does fully vaccinated mean? 'Fully vaccinated' means at least two weeks have passed since your final scheduled vaccine dose. Experts say that after the two week period, then the efficacy of the vaccine will be at its greatest.