The 2017 Flip Flop Report’s Most Annoying (LIST!)

There are some things that could put a damper on your beach vacation… Unfortunately it could be your fellow beachgoers.

  1. The Slob – 65%- It’s not hard to clean up after yourself! 
  2. The Inattentive Parent – 52%- You know the one… their child is running towards the water and the parent is nowhere to be found.
  3. The Sand-flinger – 49%- Pick up your feet!
  4. The Boozer – 49%- They will usually pass out on your beach towel
  5. The DJ – 45%- He’s throwing a party for 200 of his closest friends…
Kyle Anthony

Kyle Anthony

Kyle Anthony can be heard weekday afternoons from 3-7PM on KJ97. Read more


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