Anonymous Tips of Lunchbox Being Embarrassing at iHeartRadio Music Festival

The Bobby Bones Show members came forward to share anonymous tips of some of the embarrassing things Lunchbox did at the iHeartRadio Music Festival over the weekend.

Most of the people handled themselves in a professional manner, but the anonymous people wanted to speak out and express how Lunchbox was an example of what you shouldn’t do at those events. They used the voice changer to share their stories. The first one was about Lunchbox assaulting several artists. He grabbed Chilli’s arm from TLC and held on to it for several minutes to tell her how much he loved her. Then, he saw Jordan Wiseley from The Challenge and yelled in his face about how much he wanted to be on the show. Then, Jared Leto from 30 Seconds to Mars picked people from the crowd to come on stage during his performance and Lunchbox used his credential to his power and ran backstage to get on stage with Leto even though he was not asked.  

The second anonymous tip was about him being at a VIP party where they were passing around hors d'oeuvres and he kept asking when the food was going to be ready. He stood right by the kitchen door so every time they came out, he would grab all the food and they’d have to go back and get more. And since it was a VIP party, he would ask everyone how they got into the party to find out if they were truly a VIP. Eddie admitted he also stood by the kitchen and grabbed the food right as it came out. Lunchbox did not deny any of the allegations made against him. Bobby Bones reminded him to tone down his excitement by 20% and to not grab people next time.  

You can watch the iHeartRadio Music Festival on Hulu from October 10th-31st! 

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