TMSG: Family Writes Book About Their Dog To Raise Money For Shelter

12-year-old Cooper Finnegan came up with an idea to remember his beloved dog Bodie after his passing. He decided to write a book called The True Adventures of Me, highlighting Bodie's unpredictable antics. The book follows a dog who was not the dog the family planned on adopting.

Ten years ago Bob Downey, the director of the Capitol Humane Society called the family saying he had a puppy who wouldn't last long, so they rushed down to the adoption center where they found a 90-pound border collie, black lab mix that was skinny after being a stray for eight months. The family took him home and that's when Bodie's antics began.

After Bodies passing in 2017, Cooper wrote the book taking nearly a year to complete with him even drawing all of the pictures. The book has sold over 200 copies with all proceeds going to the very shelter where they got their beloved Brodie, Capitol Humane Society.

If you are interested in buying the book you can email Deane Finnegan at

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