This Texas City Has The 'Most Annoying' Neighbors In The US

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Do you get along with your neighbors? Do you even know their names? Their kids?

A new study by HomeAdvisor found that while over half of people in the 1970s would spend at least one social evening a month with a neighbor, now, more than half go out of their way to avoid them. This new study also lists the cities with the most and least annoying neighbors. The home service database surveyed over 2,200 people in the 25 biggest cities in the U.S. to see just how neighborly neighbors are.

One key takeaway from HomeAdvisor's study is that 64% of Americans know most or all their neighbors. Nearly 60% even consider them to be friends. On the flip side, one in three Americans say their neighbors annoy them at least once a week, whether it's due to general noise, loud parties or parking issues. Fifty-nine percent of Americans said their neighbors annoy them at least a few times a month, and 53% have even considered moving because of a neighbor.

Here's a look at where the most annoying neighbors in the U.S. live:

  1. Fort Worth, Texas
  2. (Tie) San Francisco, California; El Paso, Texas; San Jose, California
  3. (Tie) Indianapolis, Indiana; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  4. (Tie) Jacksonville, Florida; Austin, Texas; San Antonio, Texas
  5. San Diego, California

Here's where you can find the friendliest neighbors:

  1. Phoenix, Arizona
  2. (Tie) Boston, Massachusetts; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  3. (Tie) Denver, Colorado; Portland, Oregon
  4. (Tie) Dallas, Texas; Houston, Texas; Los Angeles, California; New York, New York; Seattle, Washington
  5. Charlotte, North Carolina

To read HomeAdvisor's full study, click here.

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