Member of Violent MS-13 Gang Arrested Sneaking into the US near Uvalde

The Border Patrol in Uvalde has captured a member of the infamous, ultra violent MS-13 gang member trying to sneak into the U.S., using the current refugee surge as cover, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

“Yet another MS-13 gang member was arrested in our area of responsibility,” said Del Rio Sector Chief Patrol Agent Raul L. Ortiz, “I commend our agents’ dedication to protecting our nation’s borders, and keeping these criminals out of our communities.”

The 23 year old from the Mexican state of Michoacan as been arrested more than 10 times before trying to illegally enter the U.S.

MS-13 was formed in Los Angeles in the late 1980, mainly among Salvadoran refugees from the Salvadoran civil war. Since then it has come to be known for its use of extreme violent as a transnational criminal organization. It is known to be involved in human trafficking larceny, and, drug offenses.

This guy will have to ply his violence on the inside for a while. A prior order of removal was reinstated, and he faces up to twenty years for Reentry After Deportation.

Photo courtesy of U.S. Border Patrol


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